A farmer in my area contacted me and wants me to remove as many coons as I can. Over the summer/fall they raided and destroyed his entire sweet corn crop. He didn't get a single ear of it and was understandably upset.

So a few days ago I went and spoke to him and scouted his property. Except for the newly sprouted winter wheat and leftovers from the cut soybeans, there are no crops to forage. I checked around the ponds, but the cattle have pretty much obliterated any sign there might've been. The only coon sign I did find was around a small trickle that flows through a draw between two ponds. I plan to make some sets in this area. The farmer told me he hasn't seen any sign around the barn/silo area as the coons generally tip all the feed buckets over when they forage in that area.

So there it is. The only definite sign is a few tracks, more than likely left by an old bachelor or dry sow, and not much else. This farmer is pretty vigilant about keeping his fields and pastures pretty pristine. No brush piles, fencerows are clear, not much cover.

It looks like the coons may have moved on to areas that offer more forage. I do plan on setting the draw, and I figure on puttingsome sets around the ponds.

Can anyone suggest a spot I might be overlooking?