Here's a picture of the old house I've been remodeling. My Mom refers to it as the "Old Shack".

This picture was taken 1/27/11. It's underwent quite a bit of change since.

A family by the name of King owned the house and property. Dad bought the place back in 1972, I believe? Everyone around here calls the place King's Ranch. And it's not really that big, we pay taxes on 70 acres.

It's been a challenge! But I've had some very good help, and I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel!

I took my Mom up a couple weeks ago, gave her a tour. Mom's homeplace is just across the river and up on the mountain to the West. Mom told me that her homeplace was built in 1910, and that the King's place was built before that.

The house is about 900 yards from the county road. Boys it's peaceful up there!

Every now and then a couple fighter jets will come screaming down the valley, otherwise, it's very quiet. smile

I'll post more pictures if photobucket cooperates.

The house has a history. Some folks say that it's haunted.

I told Mom the other morning that I'd spent the night at King's, she asked if I'd seen any spooks. laugh I sleep very very well in the old place. smile