I recently found a place that some "new" beavers moved into.Its a creek that they have dammed up and now there is three ponds with runs connecting them all. I made a set in each of the runs with 330's.The first was about 10 feet from the crossover .The second about 10 feet in front of the crossover and the last one just about 5 feet into the run.

The first trap the beaver got out of the run,moved the 3 inch thick 5 foot long dive stick and walked around the trap. The second trap was sprung and the third the dive stick was moved again and he went around the trap . There was a bunch of trash around that trap like he was laughing at me.

The one mistake I can look back and see was I should have waded into the run and made the sets instead of doing it from the bank. I don't have enough leghold traps to set up on the crossovers,and I don't think I can drown them there anyway. I think the 330s in the runs is the best way to go.

Should I try and tweak my sets some to hide my presence more and try again a few times ? Does anyone have another suggestion ?