In a rice field, there are dams which separate salt from fresh water. The water level in the fresh water remains somewhat constant. There is no need for a beaver to build a dam. There are young pine trees along the banks which are chewed down and stripped. There are a few castor mounds but not much for a bank den that I've found yet. I've eradicated the beavers on most of this plantation and this is my last area. Of course, I can blind set the castor mounds and the water is deep enough to drown, but I'm in a new one here.

There aren't clear areas of travel or living. Has anyone experienced any beavers like this? I typically refuse to use lure at a beaver job until I have to but the only option I see this far are the existing castor mounds. Maybe a slight concentration of feed sticks here or there but the sticks are so widespread that it looks like young beavers rummaging around.