Yes, except for one stripped railroad bed I didn't post pictures of, all these logging roads were blocked w/ forest service gates. On the gates were signs that said "no motorized vehicles, foot traffic welcome"

I could be wrong but I think they are logging roads only opened up for a year or so. Permits can me purchased to cut wood within a certain distance of the road, and then it's closed w/ a gate for good.
I believe they're all dead ends as well.

Deer populations I would say are kinda low. Doe tags for non residents are typically not available. Foot traffic is probably pretty low to non-existent.

Why would having them spaced 20 yards apart be beneficial? Im not being argumentative, just trying to understand. I was thinking I should spread them out a hundred yards or so on features that seemed to either stick out like a sore thumb or spots that funneled the road down. I didn't see many heavy trails like I do around here, so I pictured them cruising down the Rd, darting into the woods for prey, then entering again further down the road. So in that scenario having sets clumped together wasn't good.