I need some advice on how to set this area for otter. I will have traps on this site for 5 nights & I'd like to take as many otters as possible from the group if they pass thru in that time frame. The sandy area is a beach, gently sloping into the stream with no cover, features or flotsam. Nothing washed up at the water line, it's been scoured by flooding. The top 2/3's of the beach area is an otter toilet. They are leaving and entering the stream every where in that 60 yards of sand. The beaver dam in the feeder stream & the beaver pull out will be set but I'm at a loss as to how to (or even if I should) set the sand toilet area. I have checked and a 18" deep earth anchor will hold there & I have plenty of footholds of all sizes if that is the best option. Bodygrips on land are not legal there, partially submerged bodygrips are legal. I have several half baked ideas, otter scat from another site, drag a log & make a flat set with otter lure, carpet bomb it with short chained blind sets, as I said, they are all half baked ideas. Here is a picture from google earth & a crude drawing. Thanks, Richard

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