You can use any of those methods you mentioned and probably get satisfactory results. What I do is lay the pelt on its back and flip the head and tail towards the center of the pelt. I then roll the pelt from the nose end towards the tail end and place the pelt in a paper grocery bag along with one or two other pelts. I choose this way to keep freezer burn off of the head area (eyes, ears, mouth) and off of the open end. I have kept pelts over the summer and into the next season with no problems. I do not see any reason why you couldn't fold two or three pelts in half and then if half again and lay them flat into a bag or even a cardboard box. If you have a lot of pelts to freeze at one time spread them out in the freezer. If you pile 10 to 20 coons on top of each other the center may start to decompose before it freezes. Don't see any reason why you couldn't use plastic shopping bags and place one pelt in each bag.