We've had some good temperatures for the sap flow.

Here at work yesterday, I ordered a batch of maple syrup. Wish now that I'd ordered it a month ago, our gas prices have went way up, so syrup prices are going to be even more expensive.

The place where I ordered the syrup, they are up-to-date, modern, fancy and all. With tubing up the side of the mountain as far as you can see.

Not sure what you'd call it? Skill, craft or hobby? Or profession, depends. And I'm sure some folks don't know how maple syrup is made.

At some point in everyone's life, you should make maple syrup, or at least help. I mean from start to finish. From tapping the trees, carrying buckets of sap to the cooker, cutting firewood, skimming the scum off the top, tending the fire, right on up till it's time to put it in jars. Ready for the table.

It's a lot of work in a way, interesting and fun in a way too.