There was a discussion on here a year or two ago about which paw seemed to be the dominant paw for coyotes. And--- I have read many articles, written by trappers, that say to bed your trap back and to the right. BUT-- I was just looking at some pictures that I took of catches last year and there are some nice ones showing a left, front foot catch. This makes me wonder if the animal leans on their left, front foot, at a set, leaving their right foot free to use as a "probe" to paw at, or dig at, the attractor or scent. Sometimes, in my woodpile, I grab a snake and throw it out for the dog to get. He always uses his right, front foot to paw at the snake, before he grabs it with his mouth. { non-poisonous}

I am thinking that this fall, I might pull a few coyote set traps a little bit to the left, just to change things up a bit. Does anybody else have any thoughts on this?