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The Ultimate Book For Beginning Trappers

Trapping Techniques for Beginners (book) by Hal Sullivan

If you are a beginning trapper, Trapping Techniques for Beginners is for you. It is an introductory guide to the most current information on the 21st century skills, theories, and techniques of trapping Trapping Techniques for Beginners identifies the basic elements of trapping knowledge and arranges them in an orderly and coherent manner so they are easily understood. This provides a sound education upon which future traplines can be built. Trapping Techniques for Beginners is a guide designed to give beginning trappers a head start by giving you a better understanding of the fundamentals of trapping, including handling your fur. You will get a head start on your future traplines, no matter what animal you intend to trap. 148 Pages 150 Photos & Illustrations -- $11.95


Fur Handling

Fur Handling for the Modern Trappers

Fur Handling 2000 (book) by Hal Sullivan
21st Century Techniques For Handling Raw Fur

Fur Handling 2000 is an up-to-date guide for pelt handling. Today’s market has become largely standardized in the preparation of raw fur pelts. Fur Handling 2000 will help you produce pelts that meet or exceed these standards. Fur Handling 2000 covers the detailed process of pelt handling from the harvest of the animal to the final sale of the pelt. Chapters on the individual species of furbearers detail specific techniques and methods. Fur Handling 2000 is a complete guide to fur handling and will help you obtain maximum value from your pelts. 148 Pages 292 Photos & Illustrations - $11.95


Fur Handling 2000 (video) by Hal Sullivan
21st Century Techniques For Handling Raw Fur

Fur Handling 2000 is your video guide to modern fur handling. This two-hour instruction course will teach you the most up-to-date methods for processing fur. All aspects of fur handling are covered in Fur Handling 2000 from skinning, to fleshing, to stretching and drying the pelt. Each of these topics is covered separately to give you a better understanding of the process. If you are a beginning trapper, Fur Handling 2000 can get you started on the right path in handling the animals you catch. If you’re an experienced trapper, Fur Handling 2000 can show you tips and techniques for increasing the value of your pelts. Either way, Fur Handling 2000 is designed to put more money in your pocket. 117 Minutes DVD - $29.95



Modern Snaring Techniques

Snaring 2000 (book) by Hal Sullivan
21st Century Snaring Techniques

Snaring 2000 focuses on the use and application of the modern steel cable snare. With this snare, you have the option of making nonlethal sets. Snaring 2000 can show you how to use snares effectively to create both lethal and nonlethal sets as different situations present themselves. Snaring 2000 is designed to teach you about all aspects of steel cable snares and their use. You’ll learn how to make snares, how to set snares, how snares work, and many other features of snaring. Snaring 2000 will help you become aware of the options available to you, and help you custom tailor the design of your snaring systems to best suit your needs. 100 Pages 140 Photos & Illustrations -- $11.95


Sixty Minute Snaring (video) by Hal Sullivan
21st Century Snaring Techniques

The steel cable snare is a very effective tool for capturing furbearers. Employing proper techniques, the snare can be used both safely and effectively under a variety of conditions. Sixty Minute Snaring is a basic guide to the design, use, and application of the modern cable snare. Designed primarily for the beginning snareman, Sixty Minute Snaring covers all aspects of using snares including: parts and components of the snare, making snares, fastening snares, stabilizing snares, nonlethal capture techniques, placement of snares, and more. Sixty Minute Snaring also illustrates various situations in the field and includes sets for different animals in a variety of situations. With Sixty Minute Snaring, you can increase your catch by learning the most effective techniques for using the modern cable snare. 68 Minutes DVD -- $24.95


Beaver 2000 -- book and video, Beaver Control Trapping - video, Clean Skinning and Stretching Beaver - video.

Beaver 2000 (book) by Hal Sullivan
21st Century Techniques For Open Water Beaver Trapping

If you’re looking for methods and skills that will make you a successful beaver trapper, Beaver 2000 can increase your catch by offering you the latest techniques for trapping beaver in open water. Beaver 2000 covers all aspects of beaver trapping. It instructs you on the use and application of beaver trapping equipment including foothold traps, bodygrip traps, and snares. Beaver 2000 provides you with detailed information on the sets most commonly used to take beaver and familiarizes you with other sets that are not so well known. Beaver are more plentiful now than at any time in recent history. With Beaver 2000, you can cash in on one of America’s premier furbearers. 108 Pages, 157 photos. -- $11.95


Beaver 2000 (video) by Hal Sullivan
21st Century Techniques For Open Water Beaver Trapping
Beaver 2000 is a two hour video course on the latest techniques for open water beaver trapping. On-the-trapline footage demonstrates methods for taking beaver in a variety of locations. Learn the effective use of all types of beaver trapping equipment including foothold traps, bodygrip traps and snares. Beaver 2000 shows you how to select the proper equipment for beaver trapping and how to apply these tools so they will be most effective. All the standard sets for beaver are covered in Beaver 2000. You’ll learn step-by-step how to construct these sets and where to place these sets to produce maximum results. Let Beaver 2000 show you the in’s and out’s of beaver trapping and guide you to success on the beaver line. 119 Minutes DVD -- $29.95


Beaver Control Trapping  (video) by Hal Sullivan
Beaver populations have expanded dramatically, creating a demand for trappers who can control populations of problem beaver. Beaver Control Trapping is designed to give you the skills to be successful in this field. Beaver Control Trapping presents advanced methods with a focus on removing beaver quickly and efficiently. It goes beyond the standard fur trapping methods to demonstrate specialized techniques that are vital to the control trapper. With Beaver Control Trapping, you’ll learn special sets for taking educated beaver, and how to make standard sets and tools work more effectively. There are increasing opportunities for skilled trappers to earn income in the field of beaver control work. Beaver Control Trapping can help you cash in on this expanding market. 92 Minutes DVD -- $29.95

Clean Skinning And Stretching Beaver
(video) by Hal Sullivan

Clean Skinning And Stretching Beaver shows you the step-by-step process for putting up beaver using the clean skinning method and plywood stretchers. Clean skinning can have advantages over the traditional method of rough skinning then fleshing the hide. Beaver are notoriously difficult to flesh. Clean skinning eliminates the need for fleshing. With Clean Skinning And Stretching Beaver, you’ll learn the clean skinning technique. It is clearly explained, with plenty of close-up footage. Following this is a step-by-step demonstration of stretching the beaver pelt on a plywood board. You’ll learn how to get the pelt in the proper oval shape and other techniques for producing a top-value finished product. If you’re looking for an easier way to put up beaver, this video is for you. 91 Minutes DVD - $24.95


Canine Trapping

Canines 2000 (book) by Hal Sullivan
21st Century Techniques for Trapping Fox & Coyote
Canines 2000 contains the most current information on trapping canines, covering both fox and coyotes. The methods and techniques described here are designed to give you an insight into canine trapping and help you avoid some of the pitfalls encountered in trapping these animals. This information is presented in a straightforward and logical manner, with no myth, magic, or mysticism that is often associated with canine trapping. Canines 2000 will provide you with a studied approach to canine trapping. It is a guide by which you can develop your skills in trapping both fox and coyotes. 112 Pages 180 Photos & Illustrations -- $11.95

Canines 2000 (video) by Hal Sullivan
21st Century Techniques for Trapping Fox & Coyote

Canines 2000 is your video guide to success in catching fox and coyote. All aspects of canine trapping are covered in this two-hour instruction course. Canines 2000 shows you the fundamentals of trap adjustment and modification, and set construction including trap placement, trap bedding and trap covering, along with techniques for blending sets. You get an in-depth look at the two basic types of sets—the hole set and the flat set. Canines 2000 will show you how to make a variety of these sets and other special sets for taking canines. No matter what type of canine you’re after—fox, coyote or both—Canines 2000 can help you catch them. 117 Minutes DVD -- $29.95


Otter Trapping

Otter 2000 by Hal Sullivan
Otter 2000 presents methods and techniques for trapping otter in open water. These methods entail the exclusive use of blind sets for otter. This is a simple but very effective technique for trapping otter. Otter 2000 covers otter trapping from getting your traps to work more effectively and efficiently, to taking the pelt off the stretcher. You can learn how to predict where otter will travel and learn to identify the best locations for otter sets. But you can also learn to identify other locations and other situations in which extra traps will produce extra otter. As otter become increasingly more common across North America, more trappers are gaining the opportunity to pursue them. Otter 2000 can help you be successful in that pursuit. 100 Pages, 171 Photos and Illustrations. -- $11.95




Fur Barons (4 books), End of the Line (2 books)
Humor Books may be ordered directly from us. Extra special pricing. $2.00 each or the entire 6 book set for $10.00, plus shipping. Email us for details.

Fur Barons Up and Running

Fur Barons Going Down Hill

Fur Barons Staying on Top

Fur Barons Off the Wall

Up and Running
76 Pages 12 Chapters
Going Down Hill
72 Pages 12 Chapters
Staying on Top
72 Pages 11 Chapters
Off the Wall
72 Pages 12 Chapters

Follow the outrageously funny tales of two fictional trappers, Grump Tucker and Restor Johnson, as they experience the tests, trials, and tribulations of their outdoor pursuits. First published in the American Trapper, the adventures of these laughable, lovable characters have warmed the hearts and tickled the funny-bones of trappers from coast to coast. It's a laugh a minute, as Grump and Restor follow one misadventure after the next. From pretty girls to polecats, it's always a circus with Grump and Restor, and you'll have a ringside seat.


The Beginning
of the End

76 Pages 25 Chapters

End of the Line Beginning of the End

End of the Line The Other End

The Other End
76 Pages 24 Chapters

End of The Line books are reprints of my column written the the back of Trapper and Predator Caller.
These are from the late 1990's