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Sugar Berries
Candy-coated Coon Bait. Pelletized bait designed specifically for dog proof traps. Works at other sets too! Powerful odor attractive to coons in all seasons. Quickly and easily bait your dog proof traps with Sugar Berries. Just pour the bait into the trap, not sticky or messy like other baits. Comes in easy pour container for convenient handling. Pint or Quart.  $5.95 per Pint, $9.95 per Quart


Sullivan's Trap Tester
Easily and accurately measures the pan tension on foothold traps. Graduated from 1 pound to 4 pounds in one pound increments. -- $15.95


220 Circle Trigger110 Circle Trigger

Sullivan Circle Triggers
Helps reduce "trigger avoidance" commonly encountered with standard V-wire triggers. The round opening provides an inviting passageway for the target animal. Converts your #110's into real mink taking machines. Reduces hip catches. Works well on muskrats too. The #220 model helps center coons and other large animals in your #220's for a quick dispatch. Made of heavier gauge wire to resist bending. Trigger comes complete with two-piece bracket and bolts for quick and easy installation on your traps. Equip your traps with Sullivan Circle Triggers for better performance. Also makes an ideal replacement trigger. Note: #220 triggers can be cut down to make #160 triggers.

#110 size $1.10 each, $12.50 per doz.   #220 size $1.30 each, $14.95 per doz.

To install a Circle Trigger, place the brackets together and install the wire as shown. The nuts hold the wire in place.


Sullivan Break-Away S-hookSullivan Break-Away S-hook
280 pound Release Point*
(*Static pull test, snare encompassing a 2.4" O.D. steel mandrel)
Small s-hook fastens any lock to your cable to make a break-away snare. Designed to release virtually all leg-snared deer. (Please note: when using this device in snaring coyotes, we recommend that the length of the snare, including extensions, be no longer than 5 feet to minimize escape.)

Sullivan Break-Away S-hook(Note: The s-hook can be converted to a j-hook configuration by placing half the s-hook in a vice and twisting it 90o)

$2.95 per dozen, $20.95 per 100


Sullivan Stabilizers
Note: Sullivan Stabilizers are popular with many trappers, but I don't wholesale them. You can order them directly from us. Email us for details. You can email us by clicking this link: 


110 Trap110 Stabilizer

110-220 Stabilizers
For #110 & #220 bodygrips. Single pin. Great for mink and muskrat trappers. Fasten the trap to the stabilizer, stick it in the mud, and you're done! Firmly stabilizes mink and coon traps. Prevents freeze-down.



Stretcher Patterns


Stretcher Patterns
Make your own wood stretchers with these patterns. Patterns are made of heavy paper stock. Cut the pattern out, and assemble the sections to make a full size pattern. Sizes conform to those recommended by the Canadian auction houses. $2.50 each

Mink Large (4" base), Small (2-3/4" base)

Coon Large (8" base), Small (7-1/2" base)

Red Fox Large (6-1/2" base)

Gray Fox Large, Red Fox Small (5-3/4" base)

Gray Fox Small (5-1/2" base)

Coyote  Large (9" base), Small (7-1/2" base)

Otter (also use for Bobcat)  Large (8" base), Small (7" base)

Muskrat  Large (6-1/2" base), Small (6" base)




Last Lunch
Ground Flesh Bait. Natural wild meat makes this bait attractive to all carnivores. Unlike chunk baits, this bait can be “smeared” around at the set making it more difficult for the animal to remove. Special additives also give this bait the attractive powers of a lure. It can be used alone at a set and is excellent as the sole attractor at a remake. This product is only available directly from us. Pint $10.95, Quart $17.95